Foundation Classes

Foundation Classes

Every member of World Outreach Ministries is encouraged to complete the Foundation Classes. The purpose of the classes are to ensure that all members are on one accord as we move forward in building the ministry and advancing the Kingdom of God.  We all have different gifts, talents, and abilities and have had different experiences.  We must channel our diversity  into a symphony of strong, progressive, committed and passionate believers.  To be successful as a body we must be one in purpose and moving in the same direction with the same spirit at World Outreach Ministries.  The Foundation Classes are a requirement for everyone serving in the ministry. 

The class topics are:

Vision – This teaching provides insight and understanding on the importance of vision.  The vision of World Outreach Ministries is discussed in detail.

Salvation and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit - This teaching explains the total plan of redemption and all its benefits and a clear explanation of the importance of the Holy Spirit and the difference between the “with-in” and the “upon” experience for every Believer.

Living by Faith - The Bible says, “the just shall live by faith…”. This teaching explains what faith is, how a person obtains faith, and how to use faith as a servant, and much more.

Receiving the Spirit of the Pastor - This class explains the importance of spiritual leadership and God's order for the church.

Giving and Receiving - This class explains God's system of seedtime and harvest and the benefits of giving tithes and offerings.

A Heart to Serve - This class explains the benefits and rewards of using your gifts, talents and abilities to expand the Kingdom of God.